How To Get Free Gift Cards

Looking to boost your budget with some free gift cards? They’re not really that hard to acquire. Using gift cards, people can decide what exactly they want to get out of them. Moreover, shipping gift cards is much more affordable than mailing an actual package. We’ve compiled nine ways to get as many gift cards as you can:

1. Focus on social networks

There is lots of action happening on websites like Facebook, Twitter, and others. Do not hesitate to follow or friend a company’s official page on social media, this often gets you rewarded with a gift card. Don’t forget about Twitter parties, this will increase your chances considerably.

2. Prescriptions don’t only get you pills

Drug stores are interested in a long-term relationship with their clients, and they’re going compete with other pharmacies to get it. Check out the weekly sales circulars and look for pharmacy coupons, which you can later exchange for gift cards that are sometimes worth 20$ and even more, in case you transfer the prescriptions. There are numerous new pharmacies opening here and there, that allows you to earn a considerable yearly amount of gift cards, simply by sharing the refill wealth. CVS, for instance, has a similar program. However, do not hesitate to check other drug stores out.

3. Register with MyPoints

You can also collect redeemable points by simply going through emails, participating in different polls, making web inquiries, and shopping for goods on You’ll find more than 75 gift cards to choose from. No shipping costs!

4. Register with Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a platform that lets you win gift cards for tasks such as answering polls, printing coupons, shopping, and searching the web. It’s pretty similar to MyPoints. Register with both websites to increase your winnings.

5. Participate in Online Polls

Once you become a user of the Harris Poll website, you’ll be able to transform your opinions into free gift cards by completing online polls when you have a spare moment.

6. Take rides for test drives

Car vendors often offer gift cards in exchange for trying out a particular car. Go for a short ride and earn a free card in the meanwhile, what can be better than that?. To make sure you’re up to date with such giveaways, simply get on the company’s mailing list. You’ll get a notification once there are new gift card giveaways.

7. Cash In Your Credit Card Rewards

Given that you are an “all together” person and you take care of your credit payments making your “everyday” purchases to a rewards card is a sure way to get some gift cards. Earning gifts from your debit card is also an option.

8. Rebates, don’t miss them

Food companies often have mail-in promotions as a way to thank their customers. By making a purchase worth a specific amount of money will grant you a free gift card. The most common place to look for is the cereal aisle. Applying only takes you a few moments, and it’s a pretty straightforward process.

9. Go to Sweepstakes try the Instant-Win Games

Reserve 15 minutes a day, go to sweepstakes and participate in the instant-win games that give you the chance to win a free gift card. The odds are pretty high, do not sleep on this offer.

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